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DRY-REX Low-Temperature Biomass Dryer creates free energy from your existing processes and waste. Where biomass is already in use as a fuel source, DRY-REX can completely eliminate the need to use non-renewable fossil fuels.

Bioenergy from Biomass with DRY-REX:

  • Increase biomass dryness between 65% and 95%;
  • Increase heating value of your biomass;
  • Reduce boiler combustion air requirements;
  • Improve boiler combustion efficiency by 20% or more;
  • Increase biomass combustion rates by up to 30%;
  • Reduce or eliminate supplementary non-renewable fossil fuel combustion;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bioenergy from Residuals (Sludge) with DRY-REX:

  • Convert waste such as sludge into valuable, high-yield biofuels;
  • Replace or displace costly fossil fuels (oil, gas, etc) with dried residuals;
  • Eliminate environmental impact of landfilling your waste;
  • Eliminate related environmental costs:
    • Transportation;
    • Landfill remediation, opening, closing & maintenance costs;
    • Long term environmental liabilities.
  • Eliminate landfill emissions.

Some of the biggest benefits from DRY-REX land right on your bottom line – reduced production costs, sharply lower energy costs, increased profitability, and reduced environmental impact. DRY-REX also optimizes your production of green power. 

Commonly used waste heat sources include:

  • Boiler Exhaust
  • Smelt Dissolving Tank Exhaust
  • Dryer Exhaust
  • Hot Effluent Streams (Bleach Plant effluent or power plant condensate)
  • Low-Pressure Steam (Power Plant extraction steam)