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GEM® Condensate Return System

With the GEM Trap, steam users can increase profit margins, meet emission regulations, and increase production while reducing reliance on carbon-based fuels.

Retrofitting your steam system with the GEM Trap enables your organization to benefit from:

  • Permanent Energy Savings: 10% to 30% permanent reduction in steam costs
  • Excellent Return on Investment: Payback typically ranges from 1 to 2 years
  • Ultimate Reliability: 10 year No-Fail Performance Guarantee
  • Increased Production: Faster system warm up = quicker batch times
  • Minimal Maintenance: No moving parts = no trap failures = minimal downtime
  • Increased Safety: No water hammer or condensate back-up from failed traps
  • Greater Control of Heat Output: Self-regulating vs. opening and closing of mechanical trap valves
  • Superior Service: GEM Traps are individually sized for your requirements

The images below show the plume from the condensate receiver vent at a hospital laundry before (left) installing GEM Traps and after (right) the GEM Trap retrofit.


TEI has been providing the GEM Trap with a 10 Year Performance Guarantee for over 17 years. Since all the GEM Trap parts of the condensate system are guaranteed, maintenance is minimized and the cost of ownership is reduced.

Several organizations that have replaced mechanical steam traps with GEM Traps have been able to meet government regulations regarding greenhouse gas emissions.