We specialize in energy conservation projects with a rapid payback

Thermal Energy International (TEI) has been successfully implementing energy efficient retrofits for industrial, commercial and institutional markets worldwide since 1992.

TEI’s range of energy saving products can increase the efficiency of your heating and steam system to as much as 95% with typical project paybacks within three to five years.

With our solutions, your organization can:

  • achieve permanent energy savings of 10% to 35%;
  • reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • improve water efficiency;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • improve product quality; and
  • increase production efficiency.

Many TEI projects can be funded in part by incentives offered by your government and/or utility supplier.

We also have an innovative project financing program which can eliminate the requirement for capital while cutting energy costs.

Learn how to yield positive cash flow to your organization from day one: enq@thermalenergy.com.